Welcome to With Sugar! I am Silvia, the founder of this project, specialized in Wedding Design and in the design and realization of wedding stationery strictly green.

As you know, marriages unfortunately contribute to CO2 production and increased pollution. This makes it necessary to implement conscious choices immediately, aimed at protecting our planet and all its inhabitants.

Achieving the marriage of your dreams while respecting the environment is a great example of responsibility and love for the beauty that surrounds us and we are excited to be able to help you in this journey. Together we will design your Wedding Stationery, from participation to coordinates for ceremony and reception, and we will design the style of your green wedding.

Choosing participation and eco-sustainable coordination does not mean giving up elegance and originality. Our creations, in fact, are made on the basis of your desires and have a totally unique and personalized style. The materials we use, in addition to being eco-friendly and certified, are sought after in the quality and in the way they are processed and mixed with each other. The result is a wedding stationery of great impact, which will thrill both you and your guests because it will be a reflection of you, your love and your respect for the environment.

“Every individual has the power to make the world a better place.”

Sergio Bambarén
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