Our mission in With Sugar is to give our spouses a unique experience, the result of the union between personalized design and sustainability.

We are convinced that, thanks to our work, it is possible to inspire people, encouraging them to make choices that increasingly take into account the environment. Organizing a sustainable wedding is certainly the best choice that you future spouses can make: not only will you live an unforgettable day respecting the planet but, with your gesture, you will also be a source of inspiration for all your guests.

Eco-sustainable materials

Your Impact in the World

Unlike what many think, even one person can make a difference in the fight against the climate crisis. Each of us has a great responsibility towards the planet that hosts us and the creatures that live there and we are all called to do our part, however small it may seem.

We decided to actively contribute to environmental protection by planting a tree for each of our married couples, because even a single tree can make a difference. The benefits of planting new trees are obvious: more oxygen produced, less carbon dioxide in circulation, greater protection of biodiversity, greater energy savings and, in the case of fruit trees, the promotion of agroforestry projects in favour of small rural communities.

We work together with organisations committed to creating sustainable ecosystems that operate both nationally and internationally, so that we can plant trees in places where there is a greater need. Each tree planted will be photographed, geolocated and monitored so that you can follow its growth over time.

Thanks to the trust and enthusiasm of our spouses we have already achieved extraordinary results but we can and must do even more.

We give a tree to every married couple of ours

Eco-sustainable materials

Our commitment to reducing the environmental impact is reflected first and foremost in the choice of materials we use for the realization of our Wedding Stationery, that is, wedding coordinates, all strictly eco-sustainable.

At With Sugar we use a wide range of cards that stand out for their high quality and low environmental impact. Depending on the wishes of the newlyweds, the design you intend to use and the style that the wedding will have you can choose between:

  • Handmade Recycled Paper: it is made from waste paper and not directly with cellulose, this saves about 65% of the energy needed to produce new paper and reduces water pollution by 35% and air pollution by 74%, as well as combating deforestation.
  • Paper that sprouts: it is an ecological, biodegradable and handmade paper combining recycled paper with a special mixture of annual and perennial flower seeds; once planted and watered you can witness the birth of many colorful flowers.
  • Cotton paper: it is an ecological paper made with fibers from the cotton plant; it is called “tree free” because it does not contain tree cellulose.
  • Crush paper: it is produced using the waste of agro-industrial processing (specifically the residues of citrus fruits, grapes, cherries, lavender, corn, olives, coffee, kiwis, hazelnuts and almonds) that replace up to 15% of cellulose from trees.
  • Algae paper: it is produced using excess algae from at-risk lagoon environments.
  • FSC card: it is the card that has received the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification, which attests that the product contains wood from forests managed correctly and responsibly, in full compliance with strict environmental, social and economic standards.

In addition to paper we also use other materials such as fabrics, cotton, silk and velvet ribbons, wax, ropes, gold leaf and decorations: we make sure that each of these products has the necessary certifications and meets criteria of respect and environmental and social protection. In addition, most of our Wedding Stationery are printed internally using, as needed, either regenerated and eco-sustainable cartridges or Canon ink cartridges which, once exhausted, we send back to the parent company, in this way adhering to canon’s toner cartridge recycling program (according to which about 97% of each cartridge is recycled and processed into other products).

We strive every day to guarantee you high quality and sustainable products. We actively try to reduce waste by recycling and reusing every paper cutout or other advanced material. We are also working with some local paper manufacturing businesses to provide them with all our unused waste, thus having the upcycling process.

We compensate for the Carbon Footprint

We are also very proud of our commitment to trying to reduce and offset our CO2 emissions. We collaborate with organizations such as Phoresta.org and Co2Web.it to calculate the “carbon footprint” of With Sugar, both in terms of production process and presence on the web, and neutralize it with the laying of trees in Italy.

We compensate for co2 emissions from our website

We support the Ecosystem and promote biodiversity

Trees are among the main pillars of our planet’s biodiversity, protecting ecosystems and are the main solution against global warming. It is our duty to safeguard the environment around us and all the creatures that live there. Our sprouting paper contains the seeds of many species of annual-perennial colored flowers, all recognized by RHS Plants for Pollinators as plants for pollinating insects: thanks to their richness in nectar they attract bees, butterflies and other insects favoring pollination. Another little gesture of love for our planet.

Our sprouting paper contains flower seeds and plants that are fundamental for pollinating insects

“It is useless for man to conquer the Moon, if he then ends up losing the Earth.”

François Mauriac

If, like us, you share the desire to live in a better world, letting yourself be inspired by the beauty of nature, then we will be happy to be able to contribute to the realization of your fabulous green wedding with our Wedding Stationery.

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